Stakeholder Input


A survey was conducted across all four populations:
Persons with a mental illness (MIA)
Parents/Guardians of children with a serious Emotional Disorder (SED)
Parents/Guardians of children with a developmental disability (DDC)
Persons with a Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD).
Each respondent was asked to provide a rating of strongly agree (5), agree (4), neutral (3), disagree (2) and strongly disagree (1) to each of the items on the survey. A total of 234 individuals (consumer, parent and/or guardian) responded to the surveys conducted during FY 2016/17.

The following graph is a breakdown of the overall results by domain in each population:

The data collected through these surveys was discussed by relevant decision-making groups of the organization and used as input for planning, designing, modifying and improving services provided to individuals. The results of these surveys are presented and shared with persons served, advocates, staff, Board of Directors and funding sources.


A Customer Services Satisfaction Survey is conducted throughout the year at service Access points (i.e., screening, assessment and referral). A survey of this type has been conducted since FY 2004/05. Data is collected and compiled quarterly to measure the satisfaction levels of individuals who are accessing services across the programs. 339 people completed this survey during FY 2016/2017.

The following table displays the results of the survey:

  FY (n=339)
1. I felt welcomed by staff. 99.1%
2. I was treated in a respectful way. 99.7%
3. Staff stayed focused on my concerns. 99.8%
4. I felt staff tried to make me feel comfortable. 99.2%
5. I was provided with at least one recommendation/suggestion to help me. 99.1%
6. The environment (offices and lobby areas) were clean, comfortable and inviting. 99.4%
7. The hours are convenient for me. 99.8%
8. If you met with a Peer Support/Family Support, did you find it helpful? 95.6%

Overall, the results from this survey continue to be very positive and indicate a very high level of satisfaction with the initial contact of individuals in our system.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Mission Statement

Woodlands Behavioral Healthcare Network works in partnership with individuals, families and the community to inspire hope, promote resiliency and achieve recovery by providing effective behavioral health services.

Guiding Principles and Values

  • Behavioral Health is an essential part of overall health
  • Prevention Works
  • Treatment is Effective
  • People Recover